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Alexa, how is Voice Search being used in SEO?

Unless you have been living happily under a rock for the last year or so, you have most likely heard of the ever growing and ever popular voice activation systems, which have quickly taken over and found a place in many people’s homes.

From the initial introduction of Apple’s, Siri, right through to where we are now with Amazon’s, Alexa, voice recognition has seen an immense growth worldwide and in such a short period of time.

This growth could very well be down to its ease of setup and use, but most likely, because of the entertainment value gained from the sarcastic comments programmed into the systems as responses to questions asked to them.

However, did you know that the technology is now being used as an alternative to search engines such as Google?

Because of this, we thought it only right to let you in on a few secrets, regarding how Voice Search can now find a way into your SEO strategy in 2019 and use it to propel your business to the next level.


How Voice Search actually works:

Let us quickly explore how Voice Search works.

Instead of manually typing a question or request into search, because that is obviously so last year now, people are able to use their voice to command the system to find the answer for them.

In a generation where time is valuable and people are consuming content much more quickly than in previous years, this may just be the much-needed answer for some.

Although some systems have faced backlash, due to its accessibility, reaching valuable information has never been so easy.


Why Voice Search will benefit your business in 2019:

Now the idea of voice search itself is not a completely new term, but in recent years has seen a jump in use and popularity amongst its users.

There is no denying it will dominate SEO in 2019 and if used to its full potential, could even help your business dominate in search.

Here is all you need to know to optimise your website so it is ready for Voice Search.


1) Improve page loading speed

When optimising any site, one major factor to take into consideration is the sites loading time.

With Voice Search, results can load 52% faster than any average search engine page.

From the moment a visitor enters your site; you have 2/3 seconds for the site to load before deemed too long.

It is vital that your page loads as quickly as possible if you wish for it to rank as well as you would like.


1) Move HTTP to HTTPS

Privacy is truly important. I know that. You know that. Even the search algorithm knows that.

Over 70% of Voice Search results are sites with HTTPS mentioned in the site URL.

In an era, which puts a real emphasis on security and transparency with how an individual’s personal information is used, it is easy to see why this URL format would be widely preferred.


2) Location based SEO optimsation

Want to be visible to a local audience? Then you will need to optimise your business for local search results.

Usually done through the likes of Google My Business and Google Maps, as well as through tagging your location, you can be found by an audience which may be just on your doorstop.

You want to be accessible to your audience, just as much as you want them to be for you.


3) Schema Markup or Rich Snippets

Voice Search results derive from pages that use what is known as ‘Schema Markup’.

This is the use of a structure data markup. This gives the device you are searching from more information about your site.

This information is required in order to understand your site and its relevance to the search being made.


4) Building Backlinks

All search algorithms not only that of Voice Search rely heavily upon the domain authority of a site.

Pages with a higher domain authority are more likely to appear higher in search than that of a low domain authority website.

Backlinks from relevant industry sites can play a huge role in improving a sites domain authority and then of course its ranking in search.


5) Content Optimisation

Voice Searches tend to be longer than text heavy searches. This means it is less likely that the exact phrase is going to appear when searched.

Make sure to write content, which will answer different queries that your audience is likely to use and need to know.

FAQs are currently highly favoured and allows you to build yourself as a relevant authority in your industry.


Final thoughts:

Voice technology has made it a trouble free task for people to simplify and make the most of their searches. Question is, is your site prepared for the Voice Search boom?

If not, our team of SEO specialists are ready and waiting to schedule a chat and a coffee with you to discuss the benefits and the potential your business will have with this added to your Marketing strategy.