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Why LinkedIn are now introducing Live Video!


LinkedIn, the platform which has become well renowned for its success when it comes to generating leads and forming valuable connections within the B2B sector is currently in the midst of releasing their latest feature to their site and app.

I am of course referring to the release of live video, aka ‘LinkedIn Live’, which was announced earlier this week and is set to be introduced within the platform and released to the public very soon.


It’s safe to say even the notion of such an addition has already caused quite a varied conversation and debate amongst active LinkedIn users.

So far we have seen positive responses, negative retorts, right through to those who are unsure of their current thoughts regarding what is to come.

As of this moment, we find ourselves as part of the latter, especially after the previous announcement of LinkedIn Stories, which quite frankly we are not sure what happened with that one. Do you know? Because we really don’t!


So, the question is, where did this spark of genius originate from?

To answer properly, we need to travel back a couple of years.

Shall we?

Back in August of 2017, LinkedIn first enabled its users to utilise video as part of their content creation experience within the platform.

Just under a year later, in July of 2018, the same feature was then given to all company pages also, giving marketing teams the chance to implement this content form into their strategies.

After what appeared to be a very slow start for video to be taken on board and used universally throughout the site, LinkedIn quickly saw a rapid rise in usage.

However, with what we are subtly calling the ‘LinkedIn Video Boom’ within 2018, this particular content format, specifically that of native video, has jumped to become the most favourable amongst creators and fans of the site alike.

Now here we are in the first quarter of 2019, and LinkedIn have decided to finally jump on the Live Video bandwagon to compensate for this definitive rise.

You may also think it’s about time!


Saying this however, although it may look as though LinkedIn are way behind with the introduction of this feature, we can’t say they are failing.

In fact not in the slightest.

The data suggests the complete opposite.

Since it was founded in 2002, the platform has gained over 500 million users worldwide, of which over 40% are interacting with the site on a daily basis.

Not only that, but the site accounts for more than 50% of a B2B businesses traffic. That’s absolutely crazy!

If your company is specific to the B2B market and you are not on LinkedIn, what are you doing? The time to jump on board is now.


What could the benefits of Live Video be for you?

Real time interaction with your audience

As you’re talking to your audience in a live format, it is natural and allows for your business personality to shine through. Your audience will appreciate this and want to engage with you then and there.

Easily accessible. Especially amongst mobile users

As we all know, mobile is where it is at. Almost everyone has one. If you are watching Live Video, it will most likely be via your phone and in a 9:16 format.

The need is there so why not cater to that audience?

Cost effective content alternative for your Business

Live Video can be based around absolutely anything and will usually act as a behind the scenes for your business.

As this type of content does not require more than your mobile phone to create, the cost to your business will be low, meaning you can distribute great content for much cheaper. Perfect!


Integrated into the platform well, LinkedIn Live could end up becoming a valuable asset and continue to boost the companies user experience and over all engagement that much further.

We will be waiting with bated breath to see where this goes and how the feature impacts our LinkedIn journey.


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