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First Week as a Digital Marketing Apprentice


The idea of becoming a Digital Marketing Apprentice was introduced to me when I did a Business BTEC course. Within that we had to create our own business, come up with branding, design and add that personality. That was where my passion to begin a career in digital started. 


Thursday 5th September 

My first day as a Digital Marketing Apprentice was a bit nerve-racking. I didn’t know what to expect.  

The initial thing I did that day was meeting the staff and setting up my own company LinkedIn and Twitter to start pairing myself directly with 5RV Digital which Chloe, the Digital Marketing Executive helped me with.  

Since the day was Thursday, here at 5RV Digital we host a chat on twitter called #TwitTeamHour, where 5 questions are given to participants and then everyone discusses and networks 

I was given the task of coming up with the 5 questions which were used during the hour to help me get involved and understand the content curation process 

In the afternoon, I was introduced to the projects I would be working on as well as the software used to keep track of my tasks. Here, I was given the task to write up what I had to do each day in preparation for this very blog. 


Friday 6th September 

On my second day, I was sent the task of going over a blog for one of our clients. I had to proof-read and edit wherever necessary 

Chloe then introduced me to a website called, which allows you to fix the readability of content so it's easier to read by an audience.  

Using this, I edited the blog accordingly and increased the readability. I found this enjoyable, as writing is something I love to do. 

Once done, I went on to come up with social content ideas for the month. I looked up trends, hashtags and national celebrations for September to spark ideas. I then collected the ones I found most relevant and put them onto a document. 

Just before going home for the weekend, I was introduced to a website called Hootsuite, a tool where you can manage different social media platforms and schedule posts for following days all in one place. Chloe took me through the basics and showed me how to schedule two Facebook and Twitter posts to go out over the weekend. 


Monday 9th September 

After the weekend, I was back at work and ready for another day. 

The first thing I did was talk with Chloe about two blog posts which I would add to our client's website. 

We talked over WordPress, and together posted the first blog 

Chloe walked me through the WordPress mechanics, such as the SEO optimisation tool section. She showed me how to come up with a focus keyword and how to incorporate that into the meta title and description.  

Once I knew the basics, I was ready to try it by myself. I used the knowledge I had just been given and posted the second blog with little help onto the same website.  

After that, I was logged into the 5RV Digital Instagram and posted to stories to get me used to engaging with an audience and the value of that social feature.  

It was then mentioned that #10Tips10Days was trending on LinkedIn and asked me to come up with 10 digital marketing tips they could use for it.  

Using a series of Gary Vee marketing videos and a bit of research, I was able to do this in no time. 


Tuesday 10th September 

Today, I was informed that I would be going through some of the Google Academy courses 

I was sent links to the Analytics for beginners' and the Google Ads tutorials.  

I spent the day watching through the tutorial videos and completing numerous assessments to increase my knowledge in those areas 

By the end of the day, I had finished the beginner's Analytics and started on the Advanced. 


Wednesday 11th September 

When I got into the office, I was asked to use the national day ideas I came up with before and draft social media posts for each one.  

I spent a lot of the day looking through the business socials as well as updating my own business Twitter and LinkedIn to help grow my network and aid when sharing posts and with business advocacy.  

Finally, I read up on a client's past blog posts to get used to the style used on the site so I would know when helping to write more blogs for them.  


Thursday 12th September 

Today, the first thing on the agenda was to talk with Chloe about current social trends and to discuss content ideas.  

I was encouraged to think outside of the box for the best content possible, and Im quickly becoming more used to doing this. 

I checked up on our socials to help build and bring exposure to the business. 

Finally, I began the write up of this blog, my first for the 5RV Digital site, recapping my first week as an Apprentice.  


Overall, can say I enjoyed my first week thoroughly and am excited to see how things progress in my future here 

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