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It’s 2020 and, as we all know, we are in the age of digital. Everything is digital. Whether it’s leisure or business, a lot of it will involve some type of tech to keep it going, and as we move further into the future, this is becoming more and more prominent.

However, due to recent events with COVID-19, a lot of people are staying home, and businesses are having to come to a halt. It’s a hard time for everyone and we don’t really know what to expect, but that shouldn’t mean your marketing stops!

As a matter of fact, only 9% of consumers thought people should stop marketing during the crisis. Keep your marketing alive and personal, so you can recover quickly when you’re back on your two feet.

These days, if you want a successful business, you need some sort of digital strategy. Whether you go for organic content, such as free social media posting, or PPC, it’s up to you.

To stay on top you need to move with the world, which means keeping up with the trends. Here are some in-particular to watch out for this year.


1.      Advertising in more than one place.

PPC has absolutely staggering success within business, if you know how to do it right. It may seem unbelievable to you, but many marketers think that only Facebook and Google offer the best PPC campaigns.

However, if you broaden your search into different platform, such as Instagram or Twitter, you could see a massive increase in response. The platforms offer diverse reaches and require different methods, but once you learn your audience and what works best on the platform, you’re all set.

Indulge in different networks and techniques and see what works best for you with your budget.

(P.s, Facebook is actually coming less effective as time goes on, so try your luck with something else while you can!).


2.      Chat Bots.

You probably already have released it, but if you haven’t, the use chat bots is growing exponentially in recent years. The majority of big business names now use this in some way or another. Even small, home businesses will use it too, on things such as Facebook messenger.

Use chat bots to handle quick conversation with your customers on your website if they have a query, or use it to book appointments. Whichever way you choose, it will not only work great, but look great too.

If you want figures, studies show that that bots will power 85% of customer service by the end of 2020, and that 63% of respondents prefer messaging a bot than a business or brand. Why not give it a go?


3.      Personalised content.

To really stand out to your customers in 2020, start personalising the messages and content they receive. They want to feel part of your brand, not just like another useless customer, so make them feel important!

Studies show, that 90% of people find personalisation appealing, and 80% of people are more likely to complete a conversion with this implemented. It seems like generic, content-less advertising just isn’t doing it anymore people!

You can throw personalisation at your customers in multiple ways; here’s an example of an email campaign that worked.

EasyJet launched a campaign like this that targeted people based on their travel history, which suggested to them where they might want to go next. It was found that the emails had a 25% higher click-through rate than normal emails.

You could also try personalisation through a rewards system, like Starbucks or Boots. Why not give it a go?


4.      Video marketing

One of the most important things you can start to bring into your business’ advertising scheme is video content. It is widely given the title of being ‘the’ most important trend today, going on for a long time into the future.

72% of business say that implanting some kind of video into their marketing has improved their conversion rate, while 70% of consumers have shared a brand’s video.

If you want more exposure and impressions, get that camera out and make a video, or, create an animated video, either one will do you good! There’s no time to waste!

Get on this trend while it’s starting out and you’ll be an expert in no time.


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